To Dolly….I miss you

Remembering you feels like mourning anew.

The hollowness inside carving the emptiness of evermore.

As a child it was you who meticulously built me up inside and out to someday be the ultimate me.

Painstakingly groomed, fussed, and molded me. Prepared me for the unknown and the harshness of the dream.

The only dream I ever wanted and ever new and lived I’m living

I sit here and get transplanted back to the time of the crackle of your record player, the black squares on the floor, and the melody of sweat and grit. Hours spent honing, watching, learning, and hoping.

I remember you fondly and am so grateful that you were there to steer me to becoming all that I was and all that I am. And I know that you are with me still watching over me as I become what I will be. The ultimate me.


heidi baby dance1


The right fit

What is the correct reply?

What is the right answer?

Why do we, I, look to comply?

Look to be, in “sync”, as right as I can be…to fit.

Fit as “knowing”, as only I can know.

I know how hard I’ve tried, sometimes I don’t. Oh well.


The Dreamer

Discover, uncover your highest calling

Don’t be afraid to dream big. Bigger than you, bigger than life. Bigger than you can imagine.

Obstacles, challenges, trials, tribulations…yet hope, life achievements, success, and happiness.

Happiness is the path so success. The process. Unity, unify, as one.

That dream that you’re afraid to dream, afraid to voice, afraid to claim.

That dream that keeps you sane, that illuminates the way.

Opens up your soul, exposes your insecurities and falsities, and leads you through the pathways of contentment.

Joyful, happy to be, me.

As to, only to see, the cost of free.


The Choice

In a place of wonder is a space for motion on the brink of madness in a spot of solitude

Until the full moon wanes and the sweet breeze stills life revolves ever so changing moment to moment

Feelings of gratitude good will charity giving pause to the cycles of maddingly insanity

Ego they say is the culprit on my shoulder raising up magnifying the possibilities of purpose

Whatever which way, whichever which one, will I choose…..we shall see. WE SHALL SEE



To Moon…

Ice piercing through pelting me with the daggers of disappointments.

Tied hands, the agony and guilt of it all

Stand up unravel the web that persists to misalign

Wanting yesterday to be more than just what was.

But the promise, could have been…should have been…IS , a friend for life.

Painfully knowing that the drift has begun, slipping and fading away.

Now and Always here as I was, I am, and will be.


The Evolution of Me

New spaces to discover fresh approaches and avenues of intersecting interplay’s of unique potentialities.

Searching for that thing that will culminate in an elevation of the mind and soul equally presented, staged, and fly!

It takes a fantastic burst of energy, a fanatical sense of self, an awareness of the inner workings of the highest calling.

Yet finding the truth of the truth your truth is the only way to succeed, through the countless waves of pursuit as one by one the pathways are illuminated.

Through space I soar no matter how slim or obscure. Through time I stampede as I discover my own song.

Now and Always.